Real Results

"It's my favourite texturising volumising powder. I love it."

- Amanda Boone, Arteke Salon Collective, Nelson Bay, NSW 2315. arteke.com.au

Danny's hair is naturally oily about 2 days after washing. After applying our Natural Dry Shampoo, it soaked up the oil, revitalised the blonde tones and felt soft and natural.

"Overall I’m pretty happy with [the dry shampoo]. Perfect for someone like me who curls my hair everyday and it goes super oily by the next day. I’m really happy with the volume it gives as well. I was also super happy with the fact it doesn’t leave the 'grey' looking residue like normal dry shampoos and melted into my hair super easily."
- Keerly Ann, Medowie, NSW 2318

"My hair (although washed only last night) looked lank and oily by this afternoon.
[after applying the dry shampoo] Wow! What a difference!"
- Emma Bowen, Soldiers Point, NSW 2317

"It worked pretty well. The only thing I'd have to say with my dark hair is the colour of the product made my hair look a bit lighter at first. Not a big deal though."
- Bec Dahl, Corlette

"I LOVE IT! I particularly love the added volume in my hair."
- Kim Burbridge, Nelson Bay

"Loved using Zeo Natural! My hair on day two after washing means oil and usually I would have to rewash but this dry shampoo was easy to apply and I could style my hair as normal and nobody would know the difference." 
- Jessica Loehr, Raymond Terrace

"I’ve never used dry shampoo before because of the ingredients. I was happy to find your product. It works and removed the oil and gave my hair more body."
- Kristy Arnall, Bobs Farm