For many years, we have been major suppliers of superfine Australian zeolite powder through our online store Zeo Natural and are proud to offer you the very best zeolite products, including our brand new Natural Dry Shampoo and volumiser.
We started in the mineral business by introducing Australian clays to the beauty industry. That was in 1997. Three years later we discovered the benefits of Australian zeolite and since then it has been an unbelievable, interesting and very exciting journey which we love.
In 2018 an associate of ours discovered another use for zeolite - as a dry shampoo!
Having run out of her usual canned product, and suffering from oily hair, she thought about what she had around the home which she could use until she got to the shops to buy her usual brand. Because of the absorbent nature of zeolite, she thought she'd give it a go.
She found that not only was it incredibly effective as a natural dry shampoo, but it also provided fabulous volume to her otherwise limp hair! From that point on she was hooked and decided to team up with us to develop a natural dry shampoo product to rival the best!
Now, having found the perfect blend of ingredients, we feel that we have created probably the best performing, longest lasting natural dry shampoo on the market, packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable tubes.
We are sure you will enjoy our dry shampoo as much as we do... and your hair and scalp will love you for it :)